Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer is software that has helped remodel the works of call centers, helping in managing data and analyzing reports while making calls easier. This works in a systematic digitized way, making automated calls as well as keeping a database for those calls. All you need is a running computer device, and your predictive dialer software is ready to work at a distance of single mouse click.


After downloading the data and setting up this software, it changes the working of your entire system and you can start working right away. The service providers have a wide range of predictive dialer packages, depending on your affordability. It works in digital form and thus has mathematical algorithms to a number of calls.


This software helps in managing the data related to a number of calls made and helps to make automated calls. As well as, you can feed in the number of calls that need to be generated and this software works on its own, as it steps onto next number as soon as the previous call is answered.  In addition, you can also feed in average call duration and the weekly target. And this is not fixed for a lifetime, data can be modified afterward. Some of the new predictive dialers in a market have this new feature of improvement on the basis of the previous records of call making.


This software has helped to reduce the number of staff at call centers as this has taken hold of most of the works done by the staff members. This software makes automatic and systematic calls while keeping a record of dialing list. It is best at managing your calls as it very quickly hangs up on calls that show response while moving onto next number in the list, while it works only for calls that are answered in real time and real person.


The basic purpose behind this software is the efficient use of time per agent. The predictive dialers have wide variety differing in the kind of work peculiar to each kind with the same basic duty, some of them are VoIP predictive dialers, hosted predictive dialers and web-based predictive dialers. As the main objective of these dialers is to manage time, thus most of these come with an extra feature o ‘do not call’ list that allows them staying away from a non-required number of calls.


The VoIP predictive dialers are often known as soft dialers comes with automatic functions like fax, e-mail, SMS and call recycling. Hardware dialers differ from soft dialers as they are equipped with high equipment to detect calls that are there in their answering machines. But with the reformation of technology, software dialers are preferred choice, as they do not need any installation of an extra device other than a computer device making it flexible to use. Thus, predictive dialers are your best way to get rid of all abandoned and unanswered call, while making the best use of your time and money.